Marital Barometer Quiz

Marital Barometer Quiz

  0 = This is not true for me at all.
  4 = I've given this some attention.
  7 = I'm doing very well here.
10 = I've totally nailed this!

I. Your Relationship with Yourself

1. I am happy with my life.

2. I take good care of myself.

3. I engage in activities that I am passionate about.

4. I like myself.

5. I have all the confidence in the world in regards to my marriage.

II. Your Partnership with Your Husband

1. My husband and I are in complete alignment on where we are headed.

2. I am happy with the partnership I have with my husband.

3. My husband and I always discuss our problems in an open and respectful way and come up with solutions that satisfy both of us.

4. When I ask my husband for help, he always comes through.

5. I respect my husband.

III. Your Feelings for Your Husband

1. The love I have for my husband has grown richer and deeper over time.

2. My attraction to my husband is the strongest it’s ever been.

3. I can share my deepest thoughts and desires with my husband.

4. My husband always listens to me and responds in a loving, thoughtful way.

5. My favorite person to spend time with is my husband.

IV. Your Commitment to Your Marriage

1. I am committed to having a life-long partnership full of love, joy and satisfaction.

2. I am always interested in finding out how I can have a better marriage.

3. I am open to taking on a new perspective to get the results that I want.

4. I am willing to invest in my marriage both emotionally and financially.

5. I would highly value a complimentary Marriage Reboot Strategy Session.

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